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Brooke Fremeau
Traffic & Resource Manager
Yellow Duck Marketing
Teamwork is a perfect fit for our agency
Ultimately it came down to ClickUp or Teamwork for us. Clickup needed someone to help set it all up AND it wasn’t as user friendly.

When it comes to managing client work, the choice is clear.

Say goodbye to performance issues

Make slow load times, lags, and glitches a thing of the past. Stop worrying about performance issues and spend more time delivering exceptional client work. (After all, the only bugs you should be running into are on your windshield.)

Time tracking

It's no secret that time tracking is the bread and butter of anyone doing client work. That's why Teamwork provides more advanced time tracking features than ClickUp, so you never miss a billable minute.


Whether you want increased visibility into a project's overall health, utilization, or performance, Teamwork offers more robust reporting options than ClickUp to help you drill down into the right details.


With powerful tools to help you stay on (or under) budget, Teamwork helps you see how profitable you are at a glance. Unlike ClickUp, you can stay on top of every component of your budget in one centralized place.

Teamwork vs. ClickUp: Feature for Feature

ClickUp may have the project management basics, but for delivering multiple complex projects (particularly for client work), nothing rivals Teamwork to delight your clients and make your team more productive and profitable.

Grow Plan
See all features
Advanced time tracking
sub-tasks through entire projects
only at the task level
Financial budgets
Split your budget across groups of tasks and see the breakdown at a task list level
Billing and invoicing
Track fixed and one-off expenses
Add fixed costs, one-off fees, and ancillaries to your project budget.
Resource scheduling
Forecast and plan resources for future projects months, quarters or years in advance.
can only set time estimates for existing tasks
Project Health Report
Get a snapshot view across all projects of time left, remaining budget, and task completion percentage.
Free unlimited collaborators
Invite in freelancers to complete tasks, update progress, and more
View-only guests
Set billable & cost rates
Set rates for each team member or project, based on time or expertise, so that you’re accurately charging your clients.
Utilization Report
Check how your team's time is currently being distributed based on their estimated and actual utilization.
Add client companies to Teamwork. Create companies to group individual users and projects on your site.
limited guest capabilities
Custom branding
Custom domain with SSL
Quickbooks integration
Retainer budgets
Manage long-term client work and keep fluctuating budgets in check.
Basic project management
All the basics of project & task management, including sub-tasks, tags, and integrations
Basic time tracking
natively built in
through a separate ClickApp
both personal and company
Time budgets
Create a ready-made budget at the start of every project and track hours spent against it
Must configure custom fields to create
Workload management
Day-to-day capacity planning
cannot set custom capacity or unavailable time
Time reports
Create automations
Streamline your most repetitive, manual work by automating time-consuming tasks and creating unique workflows that work for you.
Free client users
Invite your clients into their Teamwork projects and control their permissions and visibility
Limited permission-controlled guests
called "Goals"
Two-Factor Authentication
Create, edit, collaborate, and share content across teams and with clients.
HubSpot integration

We’ve converted fully to Teamwork, using it for project management and internal operations. Teamwork gives us more agility: more real time updates, better communication paths and saves us time…

Jef Williams
Managing Partner at Paragon Consult

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Client Work Essentials

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Key Integrations

Slack, gSuite, MS Teams

All the PM basics you need to get started.

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More project power

Templates, custom fields, automations, intake forms


Set up user rates


More robust project management.

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Automations and Forms

Project Status Reports

Teams Management


Make your client work more productive and profitable.

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Retainer Management

Reallocate your budget's surplus or deficits for balanced spending

Unlimited Custom Reports

Resource Scheduler

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How helped Emplicit make its projects “as profitable as possible.”

Emplicit’s VP of agency production, Emily Lindahl, shares her experience on switching from ClickUp to

Making the switch is a breeze

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Only one of these options was custom-built for client work

ClickUp, on the other hand, was built for everyone. The company is strictly focused on growth and user acquisition: this means features are often launched before they are fully tested and speed is prioritized over efficiency and smooth operation.

Wait, can I really manage ALL my client work in Teamwork?

Yes. That’s what Teamwork was built for. You can manage projects, track time, manage billing and invoicing, forecast budgets, handle complex scheduling and resource allocation, and so much more. In short, if your clients need it, we’ve got it. And of course, you can add an unlimited number of clients to Teamwork.

“Teamwork is the first project management tool that I've been able to get clients to actually use with me. I've tried Asana and Trello, and clients just ignored them.”
Rochelle Broder-Singer President/Chief Word Wrangler
But, does Teamwork have the level of customization I get with ClickUp?

Yes! Teamwork is extremely customizable. The difference is that our features are built, launched and prioritized slowly over time and are designed to complement and support each other.

“Teamwork felt more adaptable than Clickup — which was also feedback we were getting from people that tried both — With Teamwork we could adapt more to different ways of doing business and we were always evolving. Clickup felt more boxed in.”
Cathy Edison Managing Director at HotDog PR agency
Does Teamwork replace all my apps like ClickUp promises to?

It can: but only if you want it to. We’ve designed multiple “suite-style” tools you can add: chat, CRM, spaces and more. But sometimes, it’s better to integrate than replace: that’s why Teamwork also works with your favorite tools.

“With ClickUp, we would have had to integrate with many other tools. We just wanted a tool we could use as itself: one tool that does it all…”
Brooke Fremeau Traffic & Resource Manager at Yellow Duck

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