5 Steps to Fix Your Pipeline (The Dead Lead Reviver) w/ Dev Basu

Do you have less in your agency's pipeline now than you did at this point last year?

If so, you're probably not alone.

But, what's even better? 

There's something you can do about it--something that doesn't require anything spammy or even overly salesy.

You can leverage what Dev Basu calls The Dead Lead Reviver. 

It's a 5-step process that he & his team have leveraged to...

  • Revive old deals

  • Add more to their existing pipeline, and

  • Close new clients that had previously told them "No."

    Dev's agency Powered by Search is an SEO focused digital agency for B2B SaaS companies, and he completely understands the desire not to be pushy with prospects in your agency's pipeline. At the same time he shares a very effective (yet surprisingly simple) framework in this episode, that can revive old deals in 5 easy steps.

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